Easy Prosthetic Ear Tutorial by celticruinsdesigns.

Wow, love this idea for an inexpensive lifecast of ears!

Oh my god, this is such a good idea! So accessible, no need to buy huge quantities of expensive product… UGH, YES, THANKS OP.

Funnily enough I did the playdough thng in 2003 as an “I can’t afford alginate” alternative.It’s about half the price now with it beingstandard stockat art stores now.

Homemade playdough can be better for being able to get a gel like consistancy which doesn’t distort fine features and at the same time isjust flour salt and water ::) It does get oiler though.

Sadly my page on my Galadriel ears seems to have disappeared_ I hadphotosofit fromway backwhen.In fact it may ave been linked fromthe big LotR site. I had a few of my references up there.

And with my latest experiece stick to small parts. I have a suitable cast to sand back but I now need actual perfect casts to go in to the scary world of encapsulating silicon. Erg.